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Steve Nancy Gingkos

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Long’s at Gaia Organic Farm, Brevard, NC                Original Pioneer Marian Wall

Long’s ReGrand Opening May, 2010

When the first Harmony Farms on W. Franklin Street, Chapel Hill, NC opened its doors in 1974 (rest to come soon)

During the late 1990’s a Usui Reiki  Energy Medicine Healer Steve Long began putting his business cards in the local Natural foods Store Harmony Farms. He knew of this store through his college friend Jamie whom had been the manager of their Hillsborough Street location in the mid 1980’s. Steve also belonged to a Reiki Healing Troupe founded by Vicki Penninger whom had become a Usui Reiki Master with Steve and who also was the Reiki Master to Nancy Stefan whom had joined the Healing Troupe.

Nancy and Steve became friends and soon found out they had similar goals and dreams of having Healing Practices in a healing and sustainable environment. When they began dating in 2002 they soon realized that the corporate world, whether GNC or IBM was not for them. Nancy finished her Classical Naturopathic Doctor studies via The Trinity School of Natural Health and put her own biz cards in Harmony Farms. In a moment of prescience as Nancy walked out the door she leaned over to Harmony Farms Owner Marian Wall and stated that if she ever wanted to sell to please call. Marian was a pioneer in the natural foods industry who believed in only the best of the best. What Nancy and Steve did not know what that Marian was indeed contemplating retirement.

A year later that call happened! Of course right before Nancy and Steve were to be married!!

On May 1, 2005 Nancy and Steve Long took over as owners of Harmony Farms. Marian had found a couple she could trust to continue her traditions. We were honored to take over this iconic store and build upon the awesome foundation Marian had built. To this day Harmony Farms is dedicated to the very best and cleanest vendors of organic foods and products. Plus, we have on our staff Marians’ daughter Kelly who is our Ast. Mgr and Marian’s granddaughter Dylan who is our HBA Coord and Receiving Coord!!! and one of the original Harmony Farms co-owner Penny is also back in her real home working in Harmony!

We are all Blessed and Grateful to be in service to our wonderful Raleigh community.


Nancy and Steve Bio’s

Nancy, Co-Owner, Classical Naturopathic Doctor, CNHP, Usui Reiki Master

Nancy has been involved with Healing Work for most of her life with her Croatian Mother teaching her the Natural way as a child. She had a career in Nursing before later becoming a Manager for GNC franchise in Raleigh where she established a large and dedicated following of customers who appreciated her honesty and insight for bringing the best working natural remedies to their attention.

When the franchise sold back to corporate Nancy worked with corporate full time while obtaining her Classical Doctorate of Naturopathy from Trinity College. During this time she discovered and became a Reiki Master through whom she met her eventual new husband Steve.

Nancy and Steve married in October 2004 and realized their dream of having their practices in a Natural Foods store in May 2005 when they purchased Harmony Farms! Nancy is also proficient with Kinesiology having taken the Touch For Health courses. Her practice Nourishing Solutions,  combines all her proficient Healing skills. Her clients are amazed by the results when they comply with her programs. Nancy’s practice is located at Harmony Farms.

Steve, Co-Owner, Certified Health Specialist, Usui Reiki Master, Healing Touch Therapist

In December 2013 Steve achieved his Certified Health Specialist degree from the Trinity School of Natural Health. He is now taking clients at Harmony Farms for Natural Life Path Consultations, $80 per hour. Please visit www.SteveLongReiki.com for more info our email Harmony Farms HarmonyF@bellsouth.net

Steve has been involved with Healing Work for over ten years having become a Usui Reiki Master Teacher in 1996,  Healing Touch Therapist in 2003, and Tibetan Chakra Toning Master in  He began dabbling in the Natural lifestyle at this time and through a back injury resulting in spinal fusion surgery in 1998 dedicated himself to utilizing only natural means to get and stay healthy. Shortly after this surgery Steve met Nancy as a colleague and she tweaked his food and supplement choices to assist in his healing and thus he became deeply submerged in the Natural Lifestyle.


Steve and Nancy were married in October 2004 thus making him a very lucky man! Steve has over 20 years in Management between working as a distribution manager for an electronic components manufacturer rep firm, and various retail management positions since graduating from NC State. Steve eventually returned to retail management as a GNC Manager. This laid the foundation for realizing he wanted to have his practice with his new wife Nancy’s practice in a Natural Food store setting which culminated in May 2005 with the purchase of Harmony Farms.

During this period Steve continued his Energy Medicine study and is now a Healing Touch Therapist (4) and hopes to become a Certified Practitioner later this year. He has had a Healing Practice for 17 years, SoulSpace Holistice Health, www.SteveLongReiki.com , which is now located in Harmony Farms. Steve and Nancy are also proficient in Space Clearing and can be contacted for appointments at Harmony

If you wish to make an appointment or sign up for a class you can contact Steve through his website or at Harmony Farms.

Energy Medicine:  Healing through touch does make a difference!